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Zero FX

Zero FX

Lean and Mean

The Zero FX draws from our rugged off-road roots. Locked and loaded for your favorite trails, shortcuts or rocketing away when traffic lights flash green, the Zero FX’s punchy Z-Force® powertrain, long legged suspension and dual sport equipment tackles virtually anything thrown its way.

Trail Crushing Tech

Always ready. Always in the right gear. “Unstallable.” The Zero FX’s Z-Force® 75-5 motor produces a thumping 78 lb-ft of torque, making this compact dual sport supremely powerful and eminently flickable. Quietly flow along the trail with uninterrupted rhythm. Give a nod to the stalled out and stuttering fossil burners as you weave through the technical parts.

Even braking energy isn’t wasted; squeeze the binders, and regenerative braking sends range-extending power back to the battery.

Tuned in to your ride

Crossing from smooth asphalt to loose gravel fire roads? All good. Change performance profiles at the press of a button to master any terrain. The Zero FX is pre-programmed with Eco or Sport modes and performance can be fully customized using the Zero Motorcycles app where you can also see detailed ride stats.


The Zero FX can be ordered in fixed or hot-swappable battery configurations.

Zero FX ZF3.6

Hot swappable. Scalable.

Looking for an ultra-fast “recharge,” batteries that can be charged away from the motorcycle or the lightest bike in our lineup? The ZF3.6’s hot-swappable Z-Force® system allows batteries to be swapped in seconds for freshly charged modules using optional accessories. The ZF3.6’s 75-5 motor produces 20 kW of peak power and 106 Nm of torque. Add a second module to match the range and performance of the ZF7.2.

Range (km): 74 city / 31 highway

Color: Dune


Zero FX ZF7.2

2x the range “out of the box”

With a city range of 146 kilometers, 34 kW and 106 Nm of torque, the ZF7.2 offers twice the range and power of the ZF3.6. The battery is fully integrated into the motorcycle to offer the most economical way of maximizing the range of the Zero FX.

Range (km): 146 city / 63 highway

Color: Dune

  • Zero FX ZF3.6 Modularen
  • Zero FX ZF7.2
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Domet pri mestni vožnji

146 km

Domet pri vožnji po avtocesti (113 km/h)

63 km

Domet pri kombinirani vožnji

87 km

Največji navor

106 Nm

Največja moč

34 kW @ 4,300 rpm

Najvišja hitrost (max)

137 km/h

Največja kapaciteta

7,2 kWh

Povprečni strošek polnjenja

1,30 €

Čas polnjenja (standard)

9,7 ure (100 % napolnjen) / 9,2 ure (95% napolnjen)

Čas polnjenja z vsemi dodatnimi polnilci

1,8 ure (100% napolnjen) / 1,3 ure (95% napolnjen)


131 kg

Višina sedeža

881 mm

Garancija baterijskega paketa

5 let / neomejeno kilometrov

Zero FX

ZF3.6 Modular
  • Options and accessories:
  • Additional module: 3.172,00 €
  • Quick charger: 867,00 €

Zero FX

  • Options and accessories:
  • Additional module: N/A
  • Quick charger: 867,00 €